Bloody Money is an investigative reporting run by Fanpage that enlighted the system that lies behind the dumping business: corrupted tenders, illicit waste disposal and money exchange. Fanpage infiltrated Nunzio Perrella, a former mafia boss who lived under the witness protection program, that pretended he was back in the dumping business He got in touch with politicians that are in charge of the dumping business, they discussed about bribes and illegal dumping. The reporting lead Italian attornies to investigate for corruption 17 politicians and businessman. Naples region spent billions of euros to solve the rubbish emergency, most of that money went into the pocket of crime organizations and corrupted politicians. Here, hundreds of millions of euros are invested into waste disposal, but this can not solve the emergency, this makes prices to sore and corrupted politicians to enrich themselves. After spreading around that we we're interested into waste trafficking, we ended up sitting at the table where big negotiation were taking place: what we found out led the Italian magistrates to open an inquiry which now involves 17 people under investigation.





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