The Meloni Youth: the investigative report that unveils the nostalgia for fascism showed by Giorgia Meloni’s rising stars

The Meloni Youth, an undercover video investigation by, documents the presence of fascist symbols within National Youth, the youth wing of the Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s party, Brothers of Italy.
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According to their chants, they are “the best youth”. They are called “marvelous young people” by Giorgia Meloni at institutional events. The party defines them as “the soul and the driving force” necessary for the Brothers of Italy’s victory. However, behind the curtain of National Youth, the youth wing of Brothers of Italy, the country’s leading party led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, young people are witnessed celebrating fascism and chanting the words “Duce” and “Sieg Heil” while longing for the long lost neofascist terrorism.

As the undercover video investigation "The Meloni Youth" by reveals, young militants belonging to Italy’s leading party, Brothers of Italy, take part in far-right concerts performing the fascist salute, singing fascism-associated mottos like “boia chi molla” (those who give up are traitors, ed.) and calling themselves “comrades” and “legionnaires.” These actions, carried out in plain sight under the gaze of the heads of the movement, are not only tolerated but sometimes even encouraged.

Established in 2014, National Youth has thousands of members today and claims to be the most significant youth movement among the Italian parties. At the Atreus stage, the annual festival organized by Brothers of Italy, PM Giorgia Meloni thanked the young militants in her party: "This is what so many envy of us, that we have young people who still believe in politics and militancy! It is rare; it is priceless.”’s investigation unveils how Flaminia Pace, the young emerging leader of the youth movement, who in the past has publicly defended the party from accusations of fascism, privately claims her wish to vote “for Il Duce three times” at the European elections, insults minorities using the N-word and allows the use of fascist mottos over antifascist graffiti. The undercover reporter by Backstair,’s investigative unit, reports that Pace also revealed family ties with historical figures belonging to the neo-fascist terrorism scene, asserting this connection when in the presence of militants of her section.

The training of militants is imbued with extremist ideologies. Teenagers and young university students who join the movement are immersed in an environment where it is accepted to insult queer professors (“my professor is gay and lives with a man,” “ew, change course”) and to make racist comments: “Black goes on everything, but not on skin.”

As the video investigation shows, one of the most meaningful moments for the militants is the rite of chanting "present" while commemorating fallen far-right comrades. During these ceremonies, young militants show military discipline, and those in charge keep a careful watch to prevent compromising behavior, such as the Roman salute, from being caught on camera.’s cameras witnessed the MEP Nicola Procaccini, members of Parliament Marco Perissa and Paolo Trancassini in a typical fascist gesture, shaking forearms, while at the headquarters of the movement.

The investigation also reveals the participation of the young militants in secret events, like far-right music concerts at the very headquarters of Brothers of Italy where, away from the press, Giorgia Meloni’s young militants let loose, engaging in Roman salutes and fascist chants.

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